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Mifos Wallet Solution

Connecting Wallet Management, Mifos (Apache Fineract) and the Mojaloop network to a production ready solution for Digital Financial Service Providers
The Mifos Wallet solution uses Fineract 1.x as the core back end banking system with the Mifos User Interface(s) for operations and consumer interactions.
As of Sept 9th, 2020, Fineract 1.4 (a derivative of the Mifos X code contributed to Apache Software Foundation) source code is available here --> https://github.com/apache/fineract/tree/1.4.0. A complete lab environment with demo servers to test these systems is available; please request access via the mifos.slack.com channel. Fineract is a core banking system, with APIs that cover accounts, transactions, customers, products, interest schemes, cron jobs, users, authentication, etc.
The Mifos Payment Hub EE is used to connect to Mojaloop (payments switch) for inbound and outbound transactions. Payment Hub EE implements the Mojaloop API and maps to the Fineract API. See [payment-hub-ee] for more info.
The Mifos Wallet App connects via a WSO2 API Gateway. This is under development and appropriate for prototyping. Again, contact the mifos.slack.com channel for access and configuration. The Source code is available here:
The API gateway built on WSO2 allows for new channel development on top of the Payment Hub EE.
Wallet Management with Mifos - Fineract core banking platform, transact via the Mojaloop network
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