Lab environment

We operate a Lab environment for experimenting and hackathons

In this environment we are having:

  • 3 independent deployments

  • 2 Mifos 1.x and 1 Mifos CN multitenant core banking deployments

  • 2 DFSPs in each deployment unit utilising the multitenant capability of Fineract (one tenant corresponds to a DFSP)

  • 1 Mojaloop instance to enable instant payments across the 6 DFSPs

  • 1 Fintech application to utilise the OpenBanking APIs provided by the DFSPs. This enables to demonstrate an account information aggregation and payment initiation third party

  • 1 CI/CD server to be able to build and deploy the various microservices of the payment hub

In case you are interested to test out the environment please write to us, on the Mifos Slack on the #paymenthub channel.

Join Mifos Slack by clicking on this link:‚Äč

Lab Environment in Azure