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Using Payment Hub EE

Evaluating Payment Hub EE and Mojaloop

Lab Environment

Our Payment Hub Lab Environment, hosted on Azure,provides a real-world environment consisting of multiple DFSPs connecting to a Mojaloop switch with operational web and mobile user interfaces for staff and clients to test and demonstrate transaction flows across the system. It demonstrates the multi-tenancy of both Mifos and the Payment Hub, consisting of the Payment Hub hosted in three different deployment topologies (small, medium, large). Both generations of Mifos are deployed and configured to represent different operational methodologies of DFSPs - MFI, SACCO, etc. In addition, our mobile wallet channel app is fully configured and deployed along with an WS02 API gateway and Open Banking API layer to simulate and facilitate participation of third party fintechs.

Person to Person (P2P)

Merchant to Persons (B2P)

Supporting PISP and Open Banking APIs