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Source Code repositories

List of repositories where PaymentHubEE source code, and the related Fineract 1.x and CN changes are located
The Payment Hub EE uses a microservice architecture where each microservice is self-contained and use its own git repository. Despite the larger number of repositories involved, the payment hub can still be deployed as a single component using the Helm charts as described in the installation instructions in detail.
The list of the Payment Hub EE repositories: https://github.com/openMF?q=ph-ee
Shared artifacts/ common code between Java-based connectors.
Channel connector microservice
Zeebe exporter component which sends all data to Kafka
Operations web application backend
Operations web application frontend
Environment templates for payment hub-ee, BPMN flows
Configurations of Lab Environment and Helm Charts
Microservice consuming Kafka and sends all Zeebe-related data to ES
Microservice consuming Kafka and feeding the off-site RDMS with business data of the flows
Identity provider microservice
Account Management System connector microservice for Mifos
Mojaloop connector microservice
Connector for Payment Hub EE for GSMA Mobile Money API
Identity account mapper for payment hub with account lookup directory
Plugins for Id account mapper for doing account lookup with different interfaces and standards (such as GSMA party lookup, switches, oracles and account management systems)
An integration test microservice for payment hub
Mock payment schema connector for payment transfers
Fineract CN interoperability micro service
Fineract 1.x repository, currently release 1.8 is deployed in PHEE environments

Solution Specific repositories

These repositories contain certain specific use cases and integrations
AMS connector for Paygops
AMS connector for Roster
Connector for integrating with mpesa