Mifos Docs

Business Overview

Payment Hub EE is a gateway and integration layer enabling financial institutions (DFSPs) to seamlessly connect to external payment systems and operational control center to manage and monitor the transactions flowing through these systems.
It is built with a highly extensible and modular architecture, allowing additional connectors to be built for different payment systems, channels, and core banking systems. It is completely open source under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, enabling third parties to extend Payment Hub EE with additional features and/or distribute and support it as a commercial payment integration solution.
The reference payment system connector is for Mojaloop along with an account management system connector for both generations of Mifos, Fineract 1.x and Fineract CN. For institution using a core banking system built on top of the Mifos and Fineract APIs, the Payment Hub EE is pre-integrated with Mojaloop.
Design and development of the Payment Hub EE was led by the Mifos Initiative and its partner, DPC Consulting with grants provided by DIAL and the Gates Foundation. It is built and delivered as a digital public good for the sector to utilize in connecting to and participating in L1-aligned real-time payment systems.
For those institutions looking to evaluate, adopt, and/or build on Mojaloop, the Payment Hub EE and our hosted lab environment provide both a robust, scalable production-ready solution to connect and an immersive lab environment to explore all use cases
  • Tier 1 and 2 institutions can use Payment Hub EE to connect to Mojaloop with their existing core banking system, simply by building an additional connector for their account management system, and are not limited to using Mifos or Fineract.
  • Tier 3 microfinance institutions and SACCOs that choose to use Mifos as their core banking system have access to an end to end solution in the cloud to digitize and digitally transform by automating operations and connecting to Mojaloop
  • Third party fintechs can easily transact on a Mojaloop switch on behalf of customers of DFSPs by leveraging our Open Banking API layer or the soon to be released PISP API.